October 13-15 2017
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What is TigerHacks?

TigerHacks is a hackathon hosted at the University of Missouri in Columbia Oct. 13-15 for students of all backgrounds with a passion for technology, design, and, most importantly, building things. TigerHacks brings together hundreds of students from around the Midwest for 36 hours of collaboration, problem solving, and building.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon does not involve breaking anything as the name would suggest. Participants (“hackers”) spend 36 hours working in teams to build or code projects (“hacks”) to solve a problem. These projects can take the form of websites, mobile apps, robots, or anything you can think of! All of the teams are judged, with the best projects reciving prizes! There are workshops, mentors, food, swag, and plenty of coffee to guide you along the way.

"Constructing Connections"

TigerHacks is partnering with the Reynolds Journalism Institute to create projects based around the media. This theme poses a wide array of possible problems to solve with technology. This multidiciplinary collaboration has the potential for a truly unique hackathon experience, and we know that the ideas can be stronger than ever!



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When and where is TigerHacks?

TigerHacks will be held October 13th @ 5PM to October 15th @ 3PM in Lafferre Hall at the University of Missouri - Columbia.

Who can participate?

Students from any discipline are welcome to participate in TigerHacks. Teams will ideally consist of a wide range of academic perspectives and creative problem solvers. We encourage people without a coding background to come learn some new skills in workshops, and we encourage those who have been coding since they first met a computer to share their skills. As long as you are interested, willing to contribute ideas, and want to get your hands dirty building a new product you're set.

Why should I come to TigerHacks?

To be honest, the most significant reason is because it's so much fun. It is a wonderful opportunity to develop connections with high-powered companies and employers, show off your awesome skills, learn a few new ones, and build something that can make a tangible difference to media. A hackathon is also an excellent venue to apply skills that you have learned in the classroom setting and have some practice developing and making before entering the workforce. In the end, it is the gratification of collaboration and production that makes our even worthwhile.

Can I start working on the hack right now?

Woah there, calm down a bit. We're pumped that you're excited to be a part of the event, but all the work for the Hack must be done within the allotted time at Mizzou in October. This keeps things fair for everybody adn makes the experience a really rewarding challenge. That said we encourage you to develop relevant skills and work on your own fantastic projects ahead of time.

What can I do now?

Here's a few tutorials for getting started in iOS, Android, and Web app making. Have some fun and poke around to see if you're interested in doing more of this kind of stuff. If you are, sweet! We'll see you in the fall!

I don't know anyone else going, and I don't have a team! What can I do?

No worries! We would never leave you alone! Our application website allows you to be paired up with a random team, or you can meet new people there to form a team.

So I'll make a thing, but then who owns it?

All IP that is created during the hackathon is yours and is within your rights to use as you please within reason, but we really encourage open sourcing as that is the best way for us all to improve and be able to compound and build on the best ideas.

What if I don't know how to code?

You are still welcome to attend the hackathon! While having some experience is beneficial, it is not necessary. If you haven't coded before and want to get a feel for what it's like, check out our tutorials found under "What can I do now?" to get a sense of the work you may be doing. There will be mentors at the event to answer any questions and provide help throughout the hackathon.

What do I need to participate?

The only thing you have to bring is curiosity and the willingness to contribute ideas. A computer is recommended, but not necessary. A change of clothes, toothbrush, sleeping bag, and pillow might be advisable as the event lasts 48 hours, but that's your call. We won't judge you, just the hacks!

How can I get to TigerHacks?

You can drive, take a bus, or even walk if you're that dedicated. We'll offer some reimbursement as well if you travel on your own dime. Parking is available in Turner Avenue Garage.

Will there be rewards?

Yes! You'll be able to win prizes for exceptional awesomeness. Specific prizes and categories will be annouced closer to the event date. There will also probably be some free swag from our sponsors.

But it's 48 hours, won't I get hungry?

Yes, you probably will. We'll be providing multiple meals and snacks throughout the entire hackathon. We should even be able to accomidate most dietary restrictions.

How much does this shindig cost?

For you, nothing! Our amazing sponsors have made it possible for us to give you a completely free event, food included.